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BrexLit: The Problem of Englishness in Pre- and Post-Brexit Referendum Literature

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Dulcie was born and raised in London, England. She earned her B.A. from Connecticut College, where she studied English, Philosophy, and Government, and was a scholar in the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy.

Dulcie has been interested in the intersection between literature and politics since she conducted an independent project in her final year of school, examining how literature published during and about the Spanish Civil War preserved memories and stories that would otherwise have been lost due to el Pacto del Olvido (Pact of Forgetting). When it came to choosing a university dissertation, she knew that she wanted to continue to explore the role of literature in documenting and challenging contemporary politics, which is how she discovered the term and genre of "BrexLit." In a hugely ambitious project, Dulcie tackled the problem of English identity in the age of Brexit - how English nationalism has developed, why it is unique, and what literature published pre- and post-Brexit referendum has to say about it. The result was a 190-page, graduate-level thesis that was nominated by her department for the Oakes and Louise Ames Prize, awarded to the student with the best honors thesis at the college.

Upon her graduation in May 2020, Dulcie was encouraged to submit her manuscript for publication. The very first publisher that she submitted to offered her a contract within 2 weeks. 

Dulcie currently works in public relations in London, England. Dulcie's work has also been featured in the undergraduate journals "The Foundationalist" and the "UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal." 



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"Dulcie's writing pulses with an assured rhythm that is attuned both to the larger vision she is seeking to articulate and the local nuances of the works under discussion. To write so powerfully and well is an achievement to be commended."

— Steven Shoemaker, Professor of English 

Books are a form of political action. 

Books are knowledge. 

Books are reflection. 

Books change your mind. 

Toni Morrison

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